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Find a convenient drop off location nearest you for your used household batteries.

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Drop off your used household batteries by checking in through our app and start saving today.

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Save money through in app promotions and coupons when you drop off your used batteries.

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Our Impact

Help local businesses. Help the environment. By downloading our app, you have the power to do both, connect with local businesses and responsibly dispose of your used household batteries.

Starting in Long Beach, our goal is to create a conscious community of local businesses giving residents a convenient place to drop off their used household batteries. Upon checkin, customers are able to redeem exclusive offers and promotions. These actions help support the social, economic, and environmental health of our community.

Help support local businesses and a healthier environment by downloading our app today.



Increase in foot traffic for participating businesses

We drive foot traffic by getting customers in your door and making purchases through exclusive promotions only available through our app.



individuals served…and counting

We started this in the City of Visalia and expanding it to the City of Long Beach and eventually everywhere people use household batteries.



100,000 lbs of batteries collected..and counting

We helped collect over 100,000 lbs over 10 years. Help us reach those numbers every year by downloading our app today.


What We Do


Nathan Garza

We are thrilled to be considered a model program and hope that other municipalities and organizations will duplicate and grow their own programs to help divert batteries from their local landfills. I look forward to assisting with your goal of spreading the program state wide!


City of Visalia Natural Resource Conservation Division



Our Team

Each of our team members comes from different backgrounds, yet we all share the same passion and purpose for making a difference in our communities.


Alexander Galasso

Alexander’s passion for helping his community & environment has led him to work in both the private and public sector specializing in the field of sustainability.


Leon SMith II

Leon’s expertise with software and data has led him to work with NASA/ JPL on the Mars Rovers project as well as to help connect rural communities in the Himalaya’s to medical support.


Abhishek Basavanna

Abhishek’s skills aid in designing new and innovative products to help us better connect communities and collect more waste. He aims to impact environmental health of communities both here as well as back home in India.

Madison image

Madison SImon

Madison’s work has led her to be involved with community-based groups that utilize grassroots marketing to make a difference locally. Currently she works in software and seeks to find the balance between technological advancement, sustainability, and community-oriented impact.

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Top questions from Residents

How do I create an account +

All you have to do is download our app, register and begin dropping off your used batteries and saving today.

What type of batteries can I drop off? +

You can drop off all types of household batteries including AA, AAA, C, D & 9v batteries.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount allowed to drop off? +

As long as you drop off your used household batteries and keep them out of the trash there is no minimum. Please keep drop off amounts less than what could fit into a can of coffee.

Top questions from Retailers

How do I become a drop off site? +

Please contact us at and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

What happens to the waste collected in my store? +

We deal with EVERYTHING when it comes to the waste collected in your store. We handle pick ups and all container needs.

What do I get for being a drop off site? +

Our service provides our retail clients increased foot traffic, organic customer growth and more opportuniteis to make a sale. On top of all of this, you also become an environmental steward of your community and show through action your commitment to a healtheir environment to your customers.